Palm Tree Trimming

Palm Trees provide a tropical island feel and are popular all over Galveston Island.  There are many types of Palm trees and each have unique features and require different care.  Island lawn Care is particularly well suited to help with Palm tree maintenance.  Don’t let just any “Chuck in a Truck” hack at your Palm Fronds.  Knows just how many to cut without “over trimming” is very important.  Many times we’ll see only a few fronds left at the very top.  this can severely damage your tree!  It may seem like you would need to trim less often and that may be true.  But unfortunately, you may find yourself needing to remove a dead Palm if it is over trimmed.

Commonly, when homeowners trim their trees themselves, or even when a less experienced general laborer trims a Palm, they will trim the boot length way too long- creating an inconsistent look.  Depending on your preference, your “boots” (the piece that sticks out from the main trunk) will be with you a while.  Some homeowners prefer to have their palms “with boots” all the way up and down and some prefer a “Clean” boot.  If you are in a situation where one or more of your trees needs to have lots of boots cleaned, that can be rather time consuming, but is often worth it to get the look you prefer.  Unfortunately, if your tree have not been maintained consistently, the trunk diameter can vary greatly.  The trunk diameter can also be affected by the amount of water and disease.

We are only able to trim palms up to a certain height without special equipment.  It depends on the ground terrain and wind conditions, but usually up to about 25 or 30 feet.  For larger palms, we like to plan ahead and we’ll rent the right kind of lift for the job.

We can trim all kinds of trees either as part of a maintenance program or as part of a special clean up project.