Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care Services can include many things.  We offer Mowing Services along with yard clean up, flower bed maintenance and tree trimming.  Most of our lawn care services are performance based on a regular schedule.  Since we serve all of Galveston Island, we group yards together based on area and frequency.  From time to time, we have to adjust our schedules due to bad weather, but we always try to make up any missed days before the weekend if at all possible.  In some cases, we will have to wait until standing water has drained to avoid causing mud streaks or ruts.

We always recommend a scheduled maintenance plan so that you have one less thing to worry about.  However, if you have special requests due to a holiday or a special event or party, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible.  We love new customers, but we’re not always able to work in a new yard the very same day.  Our customers come first, but if you’d like to become a customer, we may need a few days to get you onto the schedule.