Landscaping services can range in scope from large full design plans to removing or replacing a few bushes.  We can offer basic design advice or even help you layout your dream landscape for your Galveston island retreat.  Galveston has several unique micro climate considerations that we will help you with.  Certain plants and flowers do better in our sub-tropical climate than others.  For instance, Oleanders are a popular choice as the Island is rather well know for Oleanders.  As is true with many common plants, there are several varieties of Oleanders in various shapes and sizes.  Some Galvestonians love Oleanders and some prefer other options.  We can help design your landscape according to your personal preferences.

If you are someone who would simply prefer to let us decide for you, we can do that too.  There are several licensed landscape architects in the area who may be a good choice for a large complex design.  We don’t have a landscape architect on staff, but we can install small to medium jobs with just a little notice and larger jobs with just a little more notice.

Not all of our customers want to have their yards featured on our website, but please check out our landscaping picture gallery for some examples of our work.