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Mosquitoes are very annoying little insects. Unfortunately, warm weather, high tides and rain brings them out more looking for water. What can we do to control them? Make sure you don't have any standing water around your home like buckets, plant platters or anything that water can stand still in. One way to control them [...]

Freezing Plants

Here's a list of some plants that may freeze back during the winer, but then return in the spring:   Oleanders, Asparagus Fern, Holly Fern, Iris, Roses, Yucca, Sago Palm, Windmill Palm, Junipers, Philodendron, Pansies, Hibiscus

Preparing Your Lawn for Spring and Summer

Preparing your lawn for spring and summer should begin by the end of January. While most grasses don't grow over the winter months, fall is the time to ensure the grass enters dormancy at their peak health. Healthy grass returns from dormancy greener and lusher than those lawns that are not prepared in fall. Proper [...]

Protecting your Plants from Freezing Weather

The news that freezing weather is coming this week can be scary when it comes to protecting your plants.. So what should you do to protect your plants? Well we normally recommend watering your plants before the cold front hits and covering plants. If there is a possibility that that we are going to be [...]

Spring (Early May)

How often do you water your yard? If you can see your footprints on your lawn, then most likely you're not watering enough.  As the weather gets warmer,  I suggest that you water in the mornings once or every other day, depending how thick your lawn is. I would water each section for at least [...]