About Us

About Page Picture Owned and operated by Pati Villarreal, Island Lawn Care has been servicing the lawn and landscaping needs of Galveston Island since 1991.

The Island Lawn Care Difference:

• We “ALTERNATE” the mowing pattern every week to avoid “ruts” in your yard.
• We offer different levels of service- We can mow, edge and blow each week, and we can maintain your beds as well.
• We provide special services upon request- for example, We’re really good at palm tree trimming!
• You can pay by Credit Card rather than having to “leave a check” or an envelope.
• We are available to discuss your needs- in English OR in Spanish.

At Island Lawn Care, we Care about you and your property.


You can count on us for excellent service at a fair price.  Green, clean, straight and even.  That’s the business we’re in.  If you would like to enjoy your slice of paradise on Galveston Island, you can rest assured that we will care for your property in the manner you have hired us to- consistently.  We may not always be the cheapest, but we’re always pretty close.  We are striving to provide long term value which includes many things.  Your regular maintenance rate is one important part of that, but we ask you consider our overall value.  What is your peace of mind worth?  Wouldn’t you rather enjoy your property rather than have to keep switching from one guy to another every few weeks?  That’s why we promise a fair price.  Please take a look at our customer page for more information about what we ask “from you.”